Sunday, December 11, 2016

Incoco Limited Edition Mystery Kit 2016

Incoco Limited Edition Mystery Kit 2016 - $22.99. Limited Edition Mystery Kit includes a surprise assortment of nail appliqu├ęs and accessories, including a sparkly, Mystery Kit-only shade – for a total value of $48! These are super easy to use, you just place it on your nail and then file off the excess. Only takes a couple minutes and looks professional.
The kit itself was cute. It had a Velcro closure.
24 Karats - $7.99. I am guessing at this color, because Incoco does not label them. Something I wish they would change.
Heavy Metal - $7.99. I think this is a nice silver color.
I can't find this one online at all.
Summer Breeze - $7.99. I don't care for this color at all.
I cannot find this online either. So, it's probably discontinued.
Incoco included nail polish emover clothes and prep & finish cloths, five packets of each.
They also included a couple nail files. These are what you use to apply the nail strips.
 This was the complete kit. I'm also showing the Christmas one, but I'm not sure if I got this extra because of the Mystery Kit or because I ordered additionals.
Ladylike - $4.50. This is listed as Final Sale. So, it will be probably be discontinued.
Beauty Queen Pedicure - $8.99.
Rose Tea - $7.99. This is a burgundy color,
Sinderella - $7.99. This is a deep red and really pretty.
Santa's Helper - $6.30. This was an extra that I received. I'm unlikely to ever wear this, but it's cute. 
 This is a pick of everything that was in the package.