Thursday, December 19, 2013

Escape Monthly December Box 2013 Review - ITALY

Escape Monthly December Box 2013
My Escape Monthly was delivered today. I got two boxes, because I also got the special Holiday Box. Seeing two boxes is always a special treat.

 Info Card: Always love the info cards. They are really handy in case you are not too sure what you are looking at.

Isiciliami Passione Pasticcera - I think this is Italian for pastry cookies, or something. They are made with Honey. I tried one, but I wasn't overly excited about the taste.

Mug O'Love Hot Cocoa - This wasn't on the card. But I also got two others in the Holiday Box.
 Rigoni Di Asiago Nocciolata Organic Hazelnut Spread - This is a hazelnut cocoa spread. It's organic. K is excited to try.
Skin Co. and Roma Truffle Body Milk - This smells awesome.  Rich in anti-oxidants, combats dry skin.

Skin Co. and Roma Truffle Body Gel - Also smells awesome. It's a true Italian secret this helps fight aging.
 LaCivetta Extra Virgin Olive Oil - I love cooking with Olive Oil so I'll be trying for sure.
Olio and Olive Castelvetrano Olives - Grown in Sicily. I already tossed into the giveaway box, because I'm not a fan of green olives.  

This is a coupon for 20% off of Skin and Co products. It probably would have been nice if I had included it up above, with the other Skin and Co items, but I post things in the order I find them.

This is a tourism book - Province of Terni umbria.
Monthly Tour book - Living Abroad in Italy

There was supposed to be a Bonus item - Perugina Baci, which is an Italian Truffle. I did not get it. It is rich dark chocolate and chopped hazelnuts wrapped in foil. I really like my treats, but this isn't one of those times that I wolfed it down before remembering to take a pic to post.  I can promise you if it was in the box I would have found it.

I paid $39.95 for this box. They offer a coupon of 20% off, so you don't have to pay the full list price of $49.95. The value of the box is more than the cost, but the tour book is the majority of that. I do enjoy getting these monthly, I really think it is a cute concept. There is not a whole lot I would use this month. I will be unsubscribing soon in order to try something different.