Saturday, September 20, 2014


I am so far behind on posts this month. I really thought it would be easier this month. I have been travelling again, so things kind of build up. I thought K would be checking the mail this week. Even though she is "moved out" she has been at home quite a bit. (K, before you comment on the quotes just know it's because I miss you).
How long was I gone?? My mailbox was packed and I had a key for the package mailbox. I had seven packages waiting. I can't even show them all. I then had visits from both UPS and FedEx. I won't be getting to everything. And some of it was for K who just ordered 13 different books for the classes she's taking. We've also been ordering quite a bit for her new apartment, which is super cute. I also got my Macy's package that for redecorating the guest bath. Which I'll get around to working on at some point.