Saturday, September 27, 2014

Beauty DNA September 2014 Review

My September Beauty DNA! If you haven't heard of Beauty DNA, then time to check them out. They give a full size product each month. The cost is $25/mo. They do not guarantee the value of what you get, but mostly I've received around $60-$80. The one month I got a lower priced item, they sent me two items. I have so far loved everything I have gotten from them. I have discovered a couple of brands I had not heard of, and would not have thought to try for myself. You fill out a survey of things you like and do not like. They use the technology to match you to a product. You get a card that states why the product was matched for you.  
 Meg 21 Hand Treatment - $37 This is a moisturizer and anti-aging product for hands, which typically show signs of aging. This is not something I would have bought for myself, or even thought to look into. There are no distributors in my area, or anywhere near me. I'm not even sure where to get it, other than Amazon. I have tried this, and it works well as a hand moisturizer, does not have a strong fragrance, and I really like it. Fining unique unheard of products like this is the reason I'm a huge fan of Beauty DNA.