Friday, August 5, 2016

Cora Tampon Subscription Review

Cora kindly sent us this product for review. Cora is a monthly tampon subscription service that costs $9-18/month. The tampons are mode from 100% premium organic cotton and the applicator is BPA-free plastic. For every monthly supply of cora purchased they supply monthly menstrual products to a girl in need. The information packet explains that many girls in Kenya have to skip school during their periods because they do not have access to feminine hygene products. I really love this brand. After learning about the chemicals used and the lack of regulations on tampons I refuse to use anything but organic. So far, I have only been impressed with The Honest Company's tampons, but these were a pleasant surprise. This brand has great ethics, a great price point, and the products feel luxurious. 

Your first month you receive fearless fit tampons, a little black clutch, a little black box, and cardboard stowaways. 

I love this clutch!!!!! its made of vegan leather and has a magnetic closure. I feels like a high end sunglasses case. It is very discrete so you can have this in your purse or out on the table and no one would know.   

The little black box is a stylish storage container that you can leave out on your vanity and guests wouldn't know what it is. It is quite the upgrade from the crumpled pink box under my sink.

The stowaways are for emergency stashes and for sharing with a friend in need. They are cardboard capsules that you can use to protect the tampons.

I am very impressed with this brand and these products! The tampons are great quality and worked very well for me. I love having tampons delivered because I hate going to the store for them, I just don't have the time or patience. These products felt luxurious which makes the monthly experience a little more tolerable. I love the clutch the most and I am blown away by how well made it is. I really love Cora's mission and the give back program. So far this is the best monthly tampon subscription I have come across and I highly recommend them!