Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Soakees Review

We were sent a pair of Soakees for review.

Soakees is the "slip on and tie" foot bath. These plastic boots allow you to soak you feet on the go without needed a foot bath or bowl. These kind of seemed weird at first, but after trying them on I figured out scenarios they would be useful for. If you want to sit and watch tv or somewhere you don't want an open bowl these would be great. These might also be great if you are traveling and need to soak your feet for medical reasons or if you get sore feet. I thought these would also make a great gift for the people who like to glamp. I ended up using these in conjunction with my Lush Volcano Foot Mask. I haven't used the mask yet because you need to wrap your feet in a plastic bag and it seemed like a lot of mess and work but these worked great for it! I think that these are a great idea for someone who soaks their feet often. They are $19.95 + shipping on Amazon.