Sunday, August 31, 2014

Sunday Treats - Oreos Caramel Apple Review

What I'm Raving About This Week!

Oreo's Caramel Apple
I'm a huge fan of the Limited Edition Oreo's. I love seeing/trying the different wild flavors. We don't exactly eat an entire bag around this house. BUT, we love trying out the new flavors. We are still a little sore we missed out on the Root Beer Float Oreos, as our local Target never got them. These Limited Edition Caramel Apple Oreo's can be found only at Target, $2.99.
They are made on a Golden Oreo. Unlike the pic, they are better described as a layer of green apple filling with a layer of the caramel brown filling directly on top of it. The golden vanilla Oreo was a good call for this flavor, chocolate would have distracted the taste.