Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Aveda Smooth Infusion Hair Crème Review

What I'm Raving about this week!

My hairdresser has been insisting I try the Aveda Smooth Infusion Hair Crème. It's what she's been using on my hair lately, so she wanted me to try it at home. I'm really glad I did because my hair is loving this stuff. I have naturally curly hair, but I wear it straight. I blow-dry straight, and then flat-iron. Naturally, at the salon, my hair turns out awesome, and she doesn't even use a flat iron. But when I try it on my own, not so much. This stuff is supposed to work best over time. Meaning the more often you use, the more naturally straight your hair will become. I am currently still using the flat iron, but I do find it's a little quicker than usual. I follow the directions and towel-dry first, then use it as a leave in crème. The fragrance is pleasant, and I don't smell anything once it's dry. The crème is light weight, and a little goes a long ways. I am very happy with this. I'm hopeful to get to the point where a flat iron is not necessary.