Wednesday, July 9, 2014

FabFitFun is finally here!! Since FFF only come out quarterly, it's always something to look forward to. Its $49.99 a quarter. Curated by Giuliana Rancic and the FabFitFun team. It promises $175+ worth of full-size premium items. It has the seasons hottest beauty, fitness, fashion, and wellness items. If you are interested I can send you an invite through their website. I get $10 off my next box if you do that, and you will get $5 off of your box.

They have posted this article on how to pick out a subscription box. This could be interesting. if you are evaluating what type of box to get for yourself.

 A: This make-up bag is just ok. I'm not taking it out of the plastic because I already know I will be gifting this one. It's kind of cute, but I have cuter ones from tipsy.

K: I am happy I got this design over the others, but I don't love it. However, on their website they have an octopus one that I LOVE.

 A: I got sea salt & vinegar chips. Which is great, but I was secretly hoping for sour cream & onion. My bag came crushed.

K: I love pop chips! Happy to see this.

 A: This is a power bar. My flavor is cake, and I really excited to try this. I normally don't eat power bars, because I don't like the taste of most of them. So, I'm really hoping this is as yummy as it sounds.

K: Looks yummy!
 A: This hair oil smells great. I personally don't use hair oil on my hair, so I don't know that I'll be trying this.

K: I am very excited to try this organic, vegan, and paraben free hair oil. Hope it works on my frizz.

 A: We just got a water infuser from PopSugar, and I happen to like that one better because it's the type you can drink out of. This one, on the other hand, seems longer, so I think it might work a little differently. We have a couple of water infusers, and I'm embarrassed to say I've never actually tried them. I'm hoping to change that this summer. K pointed out the logo on the top, which is cool.

K: I can always use more water bottles.

 A: This was the spoiler item, and I'm super excited for this. I will be trying this out tomorrow. By far, my favorite item this month.

K: Really excited to try this! Its a flash facial and exfoliator.

 A: Purlisse spf 30 lotion. Yawn. LOL, I just seem to be getting Purlise in every single sub box lately. Did they just contact anyone and everyone who curates?

K: More sunscreen, at least I know it will get used.

 A: I know there is nothing special about this travel size shaving cream. However, this is actually the brand and size that I use while traveling, so I will use this for sure.

K: I will try it!
 A: Coupon.
 A: I LOVE this. I hope it's as cool as it sounds. My flavors are fire and ice.

K: I got the same flavor. After seeing them on Shark Tank I really wanted to try this, so I was ecstatic it was in the box.
 A: Oh.

K: Lol. Really FFF?

 A: I love Zoya nail polish, happy to see it. My color is Elodie. I am also thrilled with the color because I think it's a great summer toe color.

K: Love the coral color.

A: This month there were some hits and misses, but still my favorite subscription box!!
K: This months box wasn't as great as the last few, but I still love this box the most.