Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Cate and Chloe July 2014 Review

First package and first posting for July. I plan to do better this month as I don't have to travel and should have the time. I actually received this yesterday, but it is for my July package, so I thought I'd wait until today to post. This is also my last Cate and Chloe package, as I'll be taking a little break for awhile. I still love the concept of Cate and Chloe, I'm just rearranging which subscriptions I'll be currently getting.  
 This month it was packaged in the Red/Blue bows. I love the packaging, and I loved the mix of the colors, just in time for Independence Day.
 As always, arrived in a classy box!
 Reagan "Little Queen" Princess cut Stud earrings. I can't find them on the website, so I'm unable to add a link to them. But here is the description card.
Cate and Chloe- $39.99 a month/ Receive $200+ worth of designer jewelry. You receive one item every 15 days. Free shipping and they offer the freedom to exchange any item you don't love. And first month you sign up you receive a free bonus gift.
You can use the discount code BrierReview20 to receive 20% off for the month to month sign up. Please use our name if you sign up, we get credit for referrals.