Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Womens Large Fancy Mystery Box July 2014 Review

I decided to purchase another Fancy Mystery Box Cost: $10 (Small), $20 (Medium), $40 (Large). I got the Women's Large. I'm afraid to get any size other than the large, because every one of the smaller boxes seems to have wall decals included (do they have a secret warehouse of the stuff?). The next time I purchase a mystery box, it will probably be the men's, because sometimes I think they include more interesting items. Sorry about the differences in the pic sizes. This post contains affiliate links, which links directly back to Fancy.
Kinfolk Book - This is a book that is filled with randomness. It says on the cover it is filled with things to cook, make and do. I randomly flipped to a page and it was discussing how to be a good roommate. Poems on one page, recipes on the next. Theres even a page called "things to do with cardboard". So, basically, this book has not yet decided what it wants to be when it grows up. I'd love for it to go to someone who "get's it". Clearly, that person is not me.
Y-Split - 2 headphones can plug in to one Ipod or speaker. By far my favorite item in the box.
Had to try these Wayfarer sunglasses on. They will be going in the gift basket as I wear prescriptions. I'm pleased they are nice enough to give away.
K LOVES these cups! She already has the Octopus one. Today we got a shark. I want the crab one.
I love serving coffee to guests who do not know to expect this! Ahh, the way I get my kicks sometimes...
 I couldn't wait to see what was in this bag.
Gold Cuff Link Bracelet - So pretty. Both K and I both Loved this immediately. . Realistically, neither one of us is actually likely to wear it.

That's it for the Mystery Fancy Box. I can't wait to get another one!