Friday, July 18, 2014

Fancy Mystery Box - April 2014

I have just now gotten around to posting the April Fancy Mystery box. I know, I'm behind. Anyway, when I first heard that Fancy had started this, I just new I had to find out what the Fancy Mystery Box was all about. There are 3 different sizes Small $10, Medium $20, and Large $40. I picked the Large.

Gold Plated Chain - I couldn't find a fancy link for this, but considering the quality, it's probably best. K found part of her chain was not actually gold plated, guess a part got skipped. 
Jellyfish Tripod - I was excited to see this, it was definitely my favorite item in the box. But I've now had it since April, and have yet to actually get around to using. Maybe some day?
Shark Tooth - K was really hoping we would be receiving this. She is thrilled to get it.
Infinity scarf. I didn't open this because it's just going to be put away until fall arrives.
Milano Skeleton Rubber Watch. K was really hoping for this watch, and was totally thrilled to see itUnfortunately, ours came broken. K was able to fix it though.
 The Fancy Mystery box was fun, and I'll probably do it again at some point.