Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Julep Red Marker Sale June 2014

On June 13th Julep had their Red Marker Sale and I was able to snag some nail polishes and lip glosses at amazing steals. The sale was a bit frustrating to say the least. They released items in groups so you had to continue checking throughout the day to see what the updated items were. Because they released items in that manner, you also could not combine orders so everything shipped separately.

The first nail polishes I grabbed were Kimberly (purple) and Emerson (Blue). I have been waiting for the speckled nail polishes to be released separately ever since the Easter mystery boxes went on sale! I hate and refuse to purchase Julep's mystery boxes because lately they seem to use the reject nail polishes as the products and I do not get excited about them, but it was the only way to get Emerson and Kimberly so when they showed up in the sale I immediately grabbed both for $2 each!! Still crossing my fingers that Felicia will show up eventually! side note: speckled nail polishes are a pain to get off your nails!

I also purchased Taylor for $2 (the blueish purple), Drew for $2 ( the top darker pink), and Avery (neon pink) for Free with Perk1020. I Love taylor a lot! its more purple than how its showing in pics. I like Drew and I needed more pinks to my collection. With perk1020 I got a regular priced nail polish for free. I have been dying to get a neon pink color and the online photos of Avery looked fabulous, however it is not nearly as bright and neon as it comes off in pics. It is much darker and duller than I was hoping for.

I got the Gloss-tini in bold which came with Posh (dark berry) and Daring (red) for $5. I have been really into dark plum lip colors lately so I feel in love with the posh, and I love bright reds too so daring looked fun. Overall I like them both, but they are not as vibrant as I had hoped.



Overall I spent less than $16 for five nail polishes and two lip glosses. I was very happy to finally get my hands on the speckled nail polishes! I hope for their next sale they skip doing group released items so I don't have to continue checking all day and won't have a million separate orders!