Saturday, December 13, 2014

Swaagbox December 2014 Review

Swaagbox is a monthly subscription service for that time of month. Otherwise known as a TOM box. You fill out a survey, I picked fair skin, classic style and mode new.  They send you your choice of tampons or pads and they carry most major brands. They also send makeup and jewelry and chocolate. They sent a nice info card, which was needed because otherwise I can't identify everything. I do not have links today because the info card really just said assorted fillintheblankBrand items and then a price estimate. If they don't want to do the work to identify what's included, why should I? All drugstore brands anyway. We did the "double your make-up and jewelry" option. I will identify the 3 items that are part of this as I'm posting.
Chandelier Earrings $19.95 - We got two pairs of very similar looking earrings. The second pair is due to "double option". I'm not sure why you would get the same item for the double option, but I didn't curate. Regardless. Barf. I dislike them both. No way are these for the classic style I picked.
Prestige eyeliner  - I couldn't tell what color this liquid eyeliner was, I had to Google, it's like a purple. Very pretty. Still not for me.
Wet N Wild - Natural Wear Mineral Veil Voile Mineral.  We don't care for this brand.
Maybeline Limited Edition Whisper Color Red 305  - I think it looks ok. I actually like red lipsticks, and I'm ok with Maybelline, so this one is fine.
Wet N Wild Rapture Extase 923 - I am not a fan of this brand. But the color and packing looks nice.
L'Oreal Colour Riche 681 the Muse's Shine - L'Oreal is my favorite drugstore brand, so I'm not disappointed to see it. It's just, this has a very gold shimmery shine, and I'm not the type for gold on my lips.
Wet N Wild - Peachy Keen and Crystal Clear - This is a combo pack that has the bonus lip gloss.
Prestige eyeliner Charcoal - This I can gift, since I'm curating Christmas boxes for the girls in my family.
Always Ultra thin overnight pads - We picked an item at random for purposes of this review. This has 14 overnight pads included.
 Mixed Chocolates - Oh, these are already gone. I like every one of these and they were actually my favorite items in the box.

We ordered on a Black Friday Coupon, so we paid a total of $8. Normally the prices are $24 for just one box, $16 for month to month billing, or $14 for a six month subscription. We are not that impressed. Although, it could be nice to have something so necessary delivered each month, and the number of items included is nice... but the drugstore brands just do not make up for the cost. I think if the two jewelry items were not so blech! and identical, then, we might not be so harsh on this review. But it is what it is.