Monday, December 22, 2014

Blind Surprise

*this post contains affiliate links*
Blind Surprise is a monthly subscription service. You get 1-3 items each month, totaling around $30. The subscription is $25/month, less if you sign up for multiple months. The products are beautiful, useful, and unique. You fill out a questionnaire, select categories that describe you, and you should hopefully get a match. For example I selected Fashion, Technology, and Travel. I did not select humor.
The package was delivered in a plain brown box, with the name on the top of it. The inside is stamped with Surprise. There was a card, but this was not an info card, more like a request for an FB review. The there was a little black box with the name Kitsch on it. this was the only item inside. I was expecting something a little bigger given the size of the brown box. I knew it was jewelry, which lately, I have not been overly thrilled with the jewelry items that have been showing up in boxes.

Kitsch Beyond The Stars Y Shaped Necklace, in Gold - $34. I LOVE it!!! Finally, a necklace that is perfect for me. It's on a 36" chain. Very happy with this item.