Saturday, December 6, 2014

Fancy Culinary Box November 2014

**This post contains affiliate links**
I'm over how late the Fancy Culinary box is every single month and I just canceled. I received Octobers Box in November, and Novembers box in December. They billed me for this box 35 days ago, and then billed me again for Decembers box before they could even ship this one out. I assume Decembers box will show up sometime in the new year? Not for me, I've got a refund pending.

Spice Paste Injector - I like this! You can inject deeply into meats to give it flavor.
The Food Guide cotton tea towel - K is getting this in her stocking. Her stocking will be made up of subscription box stuff.
Foodie Dice - It's a game, with dice, that you roll to see what you will be mixing what with. I am not anywhere near that adventurous with cooking.
Fox Run Fat Separater - I'm not sure what this is exactly, but I think it's something you use to pour gravy. It says separates the fat from gravy. Uh, ok.
Prepara Chef's basting set, dip and go - I like this. I've been wanting a baster, and this one comes with it's own little bowl. I am going to try and put it to use soon, because I really like it.
Joseph Joseph twist 2-in-1 silicone whisk - I like getting things like this, which is part of why I was thrilled about this box. Both useful and just a little different. K will be getting this.

I liked this months box. It had a good blend of unique, yet useful items. I am kind of sorry to part ways. I expect I will return in the future, but they need to get their shipping straightened out.