Saturday, December 6, 2014

Fancy Mystery Box - Womens Large Dec 2014 Review

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I have received another Fancy Mystery Box. I thought it was going to come last month, but it finally got here today. Things were really slow for November, but I'm expecting quite a bit this month. I ordered one of these earlier this year, but I thought there could be different items this time around so I thought I would try it again.

China Glaze Nail polish  -Silver I'm not in need of silver polish, as I have enough, and China Glaze isn't my favorite silver anyway. But, the timing is great as I soon will be transitioning out of gold polish season and into silver. I'm still not wearing this stuff though.

Propganda Mug - I literally cracked up when I saw this stupid thing. My IT Manager was just telling me he would like a coffee mug this afternoon. This is perfect for him. Seriously, it totally describes him.
Gold Cuff - Meh! I've gotten this before. I didn't have any use for it then, and I have no use for it now. I just don't like it.

LAEX Card Holder - Be Foolish.  Another Meh! I've also gotten this before. Same as above, no use, it's junk.
Message in a Bottle 4 GB USB Flash Drive - I actually like how quirky and unique this is. I'm thinking of gifting it to a coworker who would get a kick out of it.

Wafarer Sunglasses - I have also received these before, however, I can always use more. These are have a rubberized plastic coating, which makes them a little more durable when getting banged around in my bag. I just broke a pair this weekend, so this is good timing. I'm loving that I can wear cheap sunglasses now.

This box was pretty ok for me. I am happy to see the sunglasses, I like the unique flash drive, and the coffee cup literally cracked me up (especially since I know just who could use this!).