Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Quarterly Co Rosario Dawson Box December 2014 Review

I just received my Quarterly Co Rosario Dawson box this afternoon. I was not planning on reviewing the spoilers for this one, but when you get your box weeks late it's inevitable. FedEx did not deliver my box to my house. I have no idea who they gave it to, but they did not bring it to me. I have been trying to get this worked out with FedEx, but they have not cooperated, so I finally contacted Quarterly Co directly, who was very kind and sent me a box with overnight shipping.
The box was just as long and big as we had heard. There was also a card from Rosario. It did not give a lot of information on why she picked the items she did, but we do know she was inspired by advent calendars. Which is very fitting for December. "31 days of December to close out our year, 31 gifts to enjoy while we reflect on it and prepare for a new one". There were a lot of items so I'm going to start with what I like, because everything else is just stuff.  
Coach Double Zip Leather Wristlet – $68 LOVE this!! I will for sure use it. I do have a black wristlet, but this one is smaller and more convenient. I'm super happy to see this.
Henry Lambertz Premium Chocolates and Cookies – $15. I was actually craving a cookie today so this was pretty good timing to receive. The cookies are just ok. I would not pay extra just to get this brand. 
Honest Hand Soap in Lemongrass – $5 I LOVE this handsoap. K has gotten it for me from Honest Company several times and I always use it up completely. I may place this one in my kitchen, not quite sure yet.
Honest Fruit + Veggie Wash – $7 We have not tried this and are looking forward to trying it.
Bobble Sport Bottle – Value $11 I like this. I'm keeping it. I'm going to try and get K one as well.
Under Armour Hair Ties – $10 - K grabbed these because she goes through hair ties as often as I do.

There are several Studio 189 pieces included in this box, so a little about Studio 189. Every piece of fabric from Studio 189 is Designed, Hand-painted and Handmade in Ghana with local artisans. Studio189 is a social enterprise created by Rosario Dawson and Abrima Erwiah that gives a platform to help promote and curate African and African-inspired content through an ecommerce shopping site, a supporting agency and an artisan produced fashion collection, called FASHION RISING COLLECTION, launched in support of V-Day's One Billion Rising. They focus on creating opportunities for empowerment, education and employment of artisans and creative.
Studio 189 Oversized Tote – $250. This one is not posted, as it was designed for this box. But there are similar ones on the Studio 189 website.
Studio 189 Sunglasses Bag – $30. Can't find an exact price on this so I'm going with what the bloggers are saying. I really do not have a use for this because I use hard cases.
Studio 189 Coasters – $15. I have really been on the lookout for coasters lately, because the ones I have do not match my d├ęcor. These don't match either so I'm not keeping them.
Studio 189 Bookmark - I don't know when the last time I used a bookmark was, because I tend to read books on my kindle nowadays.
Wooden Spoon and recipe card for Stuffed Peppers - K grabbed the recipe card, she loves to try new recipes. We have had this recipe before, someone made for us. We only ate the stuffing. I'm sure it's fun to make. We have no use for a wooden spoon as we are set on cooking supplies.
Pic of Rosario and Chris Rock - This is a real picture, printed on actual picture paper. It's a pretty good pic of both of them. Their reps said they are not dating, they are just friends. I'm not sure I totally believe that.
This next section is called "Stuff that is too random to try and label or price". I can't even figure out what most of it is. It's junk that did not need to be included.
The last item is the walnut decorations that go on the tree, that everyone was talking about. Not for my tree, but maybe someone likes these? This was quite a stuffed box. It was fun to go through. But it also included quite a few random and useless items. Quarterly could have saved themselves the shipping on this and gone with a much smaller box that only included the main items.