Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Little Lace Box December 2014 Review

This is our first time trying Little Lace box. Little Lace Box is a subscription service that focuses on unique and hard to find items. It's $39.99/month.  This is a fairly new subscription box, launched by her three sisters, a story I just LOVE. The box is designed for women ages 20-35. Now, only one of us is actually in that age range, but this box appeals to both of us. I did not see any spoilers ahead of time, so I had no idea what to expect!
The box showed up clearly labeled, I knew I was opening this one first! It included a letter and I ended up reading every word. The. They stated the box will seem a little "disconnected", which I agree, it does seem random. But we really liked it. 
Fresh Water Pearl Necklace from a Fresh Start $28 - This was made for Little Lace Box. The words that come to mind is delicate and sweet. The link I posted has a better pic, where you can tell the chain is gold.
Fresh Water Pearl Bracelet by Stia Couture $35 - Matching bracelet! Also, sweet and delicate.  I do not own much gold jewelry, so I actually like this.
Three Sisters Apothecary Handcrafted Bar Soap Sweet Orange Coconut Milk -$3.25. This smells absolutely amazing!! The orange scent really comes through. I can't wait to try it.
Whitney English Mini Day Designer - $48.99 This is the cutest!!! We love it! I initially thought K would be getting it, because she really utilizes planners, but I'm thinking I might just use this one myself. What I like most (besides the design), is the dates are not pre-filled, which could expire before you fully get to use it. With this one, you fill in dates on your own, so this can last more than a calendar year.

I calculated a total value of over $115. The day planner is worth the cost of the box, and everything else is a bonus! January's inspiration is Diner Cars. Like old-fashioned Diner Cars. I actually can't wait to see the box next month, I'm that intrigued. What did you think of the December Little Lace Box?