Monday, December 22, 2014

Social Bliss Stylebox December 2014 Review

The Stylebox by Social Bliss was delivered this morning. It came by USPS, but showed up at my door sometime between 11pm last night and 6am this morning. Someone must be getting overtime this season. I had to skip the links this time, because I was only able to find one item online.
The Info Card was extremely helpful. There is a lot of custom handmade jewelry from which can be hard to identify the value of the items if you can't find them. I actually like the idea of this website, "helping very talented small local jewelry designers share their inspired creations in a way they couldn’t do alone". It just goes along with the Holiday spirit.
Ornament Jewels Set - $20 I have two pics here because I was trying to get you a better look at the design on the earrings. I like that this came in a set, and I think it's cute, just not my style.
Snowflake Stencil Earrings - $18. These are both dye cut and hand painted. This might not be my style, but I really love the detail. I would actually wear this if it came in small size. I have posted the 2nd pic so you can see the size with the quarter there for scale.
Open Teardrop Bangle - $15. I Love the bag this came in, super cute. This bracelet is my favorite item this month.
Seasonal Statement Scarf - $27. This scarf has bejewels hanging off the ends. This is one that goes over your shoulders, to add personality to your outfit. It is not the type of scarf that you wrap around your neck. It's more like a statement piece of jewelry.
The Minaudiere Bag - $35. This bag is gorgeous. You can wear it as a cross body bag, or tuck the chain in and use it as a clutch. The chain has tabs that are specifically made to tuck in. The design is perfect for this Holiday season. I had to look this up on Wikipedia because the explanation is exactly what I was thinking but had yet to put words to - A minaudière is a women's fashion accessory, generally considered a jewelry piece, intended to substitute for an evening bag.
I will be swapping most, if not all, of these items this month. Although I think there are some very beautiful pieces, they are just not quite my style or K's. They need to go to someone who can find more use for them.