Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Nina Garcia Quarterly Box #NGQ04 Review

I actually received the Nina Garcia Quarterly Box a few days ago, but have delayed on the review because I knew all the spoilers and was not excited at all. Nina Garcia is supposed to ship quarterly. This particular box was delayed for two months, although I'm not sure why. If they were waiting on an item, I can't imagine which item was worth delaying for two months. I post in the order I open.
Ballin Paris beanie cap  - $40 (USD). Wow! this is a really nice hat. Really nice. I Love it. Thick and soft. I kept trying to figure out what Ballin was, I guess it's a European Basketball thing, not a place in Paris like I was thinking. I guess it means Ball IN play? IDK. Maybe this is the item that caused the delays since it's an overseas brand.
Pantone Universe Mug - $12. I'm all for getting a good quality coffee mug. This is not it. I hate it. It's not ugly, lacking personality, and feels thin and cheap.
Nude Skincare Pro Genius Treatment Oil - $39 - A daily age-defying omega face oil formulated with a precise blend of 10 natural plant oils to instantly smooth and hydrate skin. I bet this works great. I'm just still not a fan of oils for my face.
Rue Gembon Paola Jet Earrings - $65. These are not the earrings I saw released in the spoilers, and frankly, I kinda liked those better. These look way better on the model in the pic from the link, and look really cheap in person. I want to like them, but I absolutely do not!
The Laundress Sweater Comb - $18 - I actually like this, and do not have anything like it.
RBG Oxblood Nail Polish - $18. I would have really been thrilled to see this a few months ago. I think the color is very pretty and very fall. Right now, I'm on gold nail polish, but looking to transition to silver in a few weeks. The timing for this isn't suiting me.
Deux Lux Joplin Circle Messenger Bag - $75.color I got was all black. I would totally be thrilled with this if it wasn't for the fringe. There sure seems to be a lot of fringe in NG boxes. I'm totally over fringe so I wish this trend would go off and die already. Other than that, this is a really nice leather bag.
I'm counting a value of around $267, which is lower than NG boxes typically are. The box costs $100 and I only like $76 worth. I'm among the crowd who remains disappointed in the box, and I'm considering returning. Quarterly is great about allowing returns for items you just don't like.