Sunday, January 17, 2016

PopSugar Must Have Box December 2015 Review

PopSugar Must Have Box is $39.95/month. You can get a price break if you order for the 3 or 6 month plans. This is one of our favorite subscription boxes, and our top recommendation for those new to subs. Each month they send beauty, fashion, or lifestyle items, usually full size. Inspiration the December box is Celebration, Holiday Glamour, New Year's, Indulgence, Chocolate, Sparkles.
PopSugar comes with a nice quality info card that includes descriptions and information about the items in the box.
My Cup of Cake Classic Belgian Chocolate - $5.99. This is basically cake soufflé in a cup. This can be prepared in just three minutes in your microwave. I have not tried yet, so I don't know how easy it is to use. I initially think, it's a microwave, how complicated could it be? But I read a tip that says you should be sure to use the lowest setting as this can overcook quite easily. Good to know.
Meri Meri Silver Stars n White Glitter Tape - $4. This is really pretty and timely, great for adding tape to packages. I love that I got this and I have a different use for this. I plan to add to all of my chargers and cords, particularly my iphone chargers, to ensure they are identified as "Mom's". I cannot be the only household with this issue.
Luv Aj The Rose Gold Ombre Bracelet - $65. This was a PopSugar design.This is a nice quality bracelet, heavy, and I love the dust bag. I do not love the Ombre however. This is a mix of silver, gold, and rose gold. I would have preferred any of these colors in a solid.
Nima Oberoi Lunares Geo Stopper - $24. This is designed to never tarnish. I like that it's a cork replacement, rather than plastic. But I prefer the food saver wine stoppers, so I'll be gifting this one.
Stowaway Cosmetics Crème Lipstick Trio - $30. Colors are Raspberry, Muted Plum, and Cranberry. I love this! I really like all the colors. I never go through an entire tube of lipstick, so three smaller sizes works well for me. I just read the info on the website, and apparently this is what they are all about. You pay less for smaller sizes, and then you can use up before they expire. They also have a regularly recurring subscription service that you can use to save.
Swing Design Nova Blue Mist Jewelry Box - $36. I LOVE this and it's my favorite item this month. I have received Swing Design jewelry boxes in the past, and although they were really nice I never found a use for them. I am really loving this one and have just the spot for it. It's leatherette on the outside and suede inside.
Coupons: 1) My cup of cake - 25% off, and 2) an offer for 3 free lipsticks with your first Stowaway kit.
This months box was a great curation. I really love the Swing Design Jewelry box, and the Stowaway lipsticks, and I'm so curious about the cup of cake and how that will turn out. This month has an approximate value of around $165.