Sunday, January 17, 2016

BarkBox December 2015 Review

BarkBox is one of the most popular subscription boxes for dogs and cost $29.99/month and even cheaper if you do a 3 month subscription ($24/mo), 6 month subscription ($21/mo), or a 12 month subscription ($19/mo). You can also add on a premium toy for $9. We found a special on Groupon for BarkBox. We paid $79.99 for six months, which comes to just over $13/month. We still have a few months left but hope to continue this box because Sailor is liking it. They always include a mix of treats and toys, and occasionally meals.
The info cards do NOT describe the products, which would be nice to have. But it does have pics of the puppy customers and that is super cute.
Aussie Naturals Salmon Cigar Stick - $3.99. We have received this before and Sailor eats this quite quickly. he really likes these things.
Monty the Moose - $14. This has squeakers in both the head and the body. Good to know. This is supposed to be tough and sturdy, so hopefully Sailor appreciates that. This was the featured product this month. I love it!
Sojos Simply Turkey - $11. This is 100% freeze fried turkey. We haven't had a chance to try these yet, but we have had really good luck with BarkBox treats so I expect these will be a hit as well.
Etta says savory stick - $3. These are always a hit and gone within a minute. This is like a stick that can be eaten. Seriously. In one minute.
Grandma Bowsers Country Oven Biscuits - $7.95. Fido friendly fruitcake. Our gourmet dog biscuits are made from 100% human-grade ingredients. Naturally healthy dog treats. It’s Like A Granola Bar for Dogs!
Hatchable Penguin Plush Toy - $10. Sometimes it's an egg, then flip it inside out and it becomes a penguin. So cute! Sailor is not gentle enough to play with this, but seriously cute.
Treat Tin - It's a treat tin. I cannot find a price for this, but it's the cutest thing! It will pair well with the Grandma Bowsers Country Oven Biscuits. And it's cute enough to have out on a counter. Love!
The December BarkBox has an approximate value of $50, not counting the treat tin that I cannot locate a price on. BarkBox does really well on having a relevant theme according to the season, so I'm super curious what they come up for in January.