Friday, January 22, 2016

Disney World and Harry Potter World

Mom has always had this dream to see Disney World at Christmas so we finally went the Disney World at Christmas time in December.

It really was beautiful and there were Christmas decorations throughout the different parks. They even had fake snow blowing at night. 

We stayed at The Grand Floridian Hotel and it was gorgeous!! The hotel was stunning and staying at a Disney Hotel had so many perks. Our purchases were shipped to our room when we purchased stuff at the parks. Our magic bands served as our room key and as our room charge so food and merchandise were just charged to the room when we were out and about. We had direct transportation to Magic Kingdom and even took a ferry ride across the lake!

The lobby!

Outside kid swimming area! How cute is the Alice in Wonderland theme?!

The Gingerbread house in the lobby. They served holiday treats and the lobby smelled like fresh baked gingerbread!!

Epcot was my favorite park. I loved the different countries, rides, and the aquarium.



Manatee at the aquarium. They have a manatee rehabilitation program where they take in injured manatees and nurse them back to health. Once they are better they are released back into the wild. Manatees are slow creatures that commonly get hit by boats. The two young guys there lost park of their fins. 

One of my favorite rides was "Living with the Land". Disney grows food that they serve in the restaurants. They are even using hydroponics to grow produce! So cool!!

Animal Kingdom was my second favorite park.
We did the safari and it was pretty cool to see the animals.

Tree of Life that has carvings of animals in the trunk.

So the best part of the trip was the meal plan. We got 2 snacks, one fast serve that includes a meal, drink, and dessert, and one sit down meal that also included a meal, drink, and dessert. So basically our daily plans revolved food lol. and it was amazing!!! Thank god calories don't exist in Disney World!!

Blueberry Lemon Cupcake at Gasparilla Grill. Look at the heart detail!

Our meal at Tony's Town Square Restaurant, which is the Italian Restaurant from Lady and the tramp. The spaghetti and Ravioli was good. We had Pistachio Creme Brûlée and Pumpkin Cheesecake.

For our final night we dined at 1900 Park Fair buffet. We had no idea it was character dining but it was so cute. Each Cinderella character came around to our table and took pictures with us. The actors really stayed in character. The cutest thing was how the kids reacted to them. There was a little boy who danced with Cinderella and after she left he practiced dancing with his mom. Cutest thing ever. 

Our favorite meal was by far Fultons crab house in Disney Springs.
Lobster on a good.

Lobster Boil

King Crab Legs

Berry Cheesecake

The entrees and dessert were included in our meal plan!! So we learned something about out Pacific Northwestern selves at this place. While I can tell you the sex and species of a lobster, I cannot tell you how in the world you are suppose to eat one. Our meals came out uncracked. We stared at our plates before our waiter came over and helped us by cracking our lobster and crab for us. LOL. Awesome service!

Honey and Vanilla cookie. 

Surf and Turf Burger from The Grand Floridian Cafe. Burger with lobster....

The two items I purchased at Disney World were Kitchen Magic with Mickey Cookbook and Pet Tie set for Sailor. The cookbook is awesome and has recipes for popular dishes at Disneyland and Disney World restaurants. I am so excited to try some meals out, especially the Scotch Eggs.

Pretty much the cutest tie set ever. It was his Christmas outfit.

Harry Potter World
So while it has been mom's childhood dream to see Disney World it has been my dream to see Harry Potter World!! I was so excited for this!!!!

One serious issue with Harry Potter World were the shops. In honor of keeping the boutique feeling of the shops from the movies the stores were very small and very crowded. It was pretty awful. We did manage to buy some candy at Honey Dukes.

Chocolate frog was huge!

The Pumpkin Juice tasted like a fall apple juice with cinnamon and pumpkin. It was pretty good!

One super annoying thing about Universal Studios that was in order to see both Harry Potter theme parks and to be able to ride the Hogwarts Express you had to purchase the dual park passes to go between both parks. 

The train ride was pretty cool and had an awesome show each way! Two different shows. The wait for it was crazy though.

On the other side we ate at Three Broomsticks. The frozen Butter Beer tasted like a frozen butter scotch cream soda. The meal was awesome. I had fish and chips while mom had ribs with corn. My favorite ride was the castle ride. The wait line was actually a tour of the castle where the paintings came alive and the ride was really cool.  

The trip was so much fun as we ate our way through Florida! And I am glad mom got to see Disney World at Christmas! I can't wait for our next vacation!!