Thursday, January 21, 2016

Barkbox January 2016 Review

Bark Boxis a pet subscription box that includes 4-6 healthy treats, toys, and other useful stuff. You fill out your profile, including any allergies, and packages are customized for small, medium, or large pups. If your dog isn’t happy with an item, they promise to fix it.
Cost: $29.99/month, 3 month subscription ($24/mo), 6 month subscription ($21/mo), or a 12 month subscription ($19/mo). Shipping is Free: Lower 48/$5 outside Lower 48 and to Canada
How Often: Monthly
Ships To: DHL-USPS
They still have the cutest gift wrap paper. The info card tells about the featured item, but does not give info on the other included items. This month's theme is Peace Ruv Happiness.
Hippie Fringe Vest Dog Toy - $14. This was the featured item this month for the medium dog size box. Sailor doesn't really care for the water, but I still love that it floats. It also includes the obligatory squeaky.
Hard Rock Hound Plush Guitar Toy - $10.Two fun squeakers included in this little thing. It says great for tug of war. I'm pretty sure that Sailor would win this no problem. And then he would shred the thing.
Beefy Braids - $4. This is a chewy treat and will be gone in a heartbeat.
American Hound Jerky Dog Treats - 19.99. American Hound Natural Jerky is hand crafted from all-natural, locally sourced, American ingredients. A unique blend of vegetables and select fruits provides your pup a healthy, well balanced treat that is super nutritious and easy to digest.
Sojos Treats for Dogs Bacon Chedder Flavor - $7.99. We have gotten this brand before and it's a good brand for dog treats. This is a family owned company that makes 100% natural treats. Nothing artificial, no chemicals and no sugar added! These biscuits are hand baked.
The approximate value of our January Bark Box is $55.98, which is pretty good! I'm sorry I couldn't get pictures of Sailor enjoying the box this month, but he hasn't come to visit in awhile. I will hopefully be able to post an update when the busy little buddy finds some time in his schedule to come see me. :)