Saturday, January 9, 2016

Incoco Holiday Sparkle Mystery Box December 2015 Review

The Incoco Mystery Box was $19.99, with a guaranteed value of $50. This was offered during the Black Friday Holiday deals. I really love Incoco, so I was thrilled when I ran across this deal. I also purchased a couple more just because I wanted to ensure that I got the ones I really wanted. I did not receive any duplicates, nor any of the ones I've previously received.
My box was packed! I loved it!
I didn't get the name of either one of these. Incoco does not list the names of the styles on the packaging, which is one thing I wish they would change. I was unable to find them on the website, which tells me they were close out options. The first one was actually on my list. This second one is my least favorite. I do not like flowers at all.   
Crème de la Crème - $8.99 (purchased). This was to ensure I got it.
24 Karats Accent Nail - $2.99. I have never used nail accents, so I'm actually happy to get this. I have not had a chance to try out yet, but will soon.
Winterberry - $8.99. I believe this may be Winterberry. The color on my pic is much lighter than it is in person, and I tried to match it with what I saw on the website.
Trendspotter - $8.99. I like this one, but I could also see me using it as an accent nail, rather than all nails with this.
Finale - $8.99 - This was on my list to try so I was happy to get it.
Smoke and Mirrors - $8.99. I would not have thought to ask for this one, since the primary color is black, but now that I have it I really kinda like it.
Yacht Party - $8.99 (purchased) - I purchased this one also, to ensure I got it. It's my favorite and I will be buying more for sure. I just wore it on a cruise over the holidays and I can't explain how many people asked me about it. I had to get my nails redone halfway through, and even the spa lady was quite impressed. I had to tell her all about Incoco.
Incoco Mystery Box included a bunch of miscenallenous items, which was a really nice surprise, I had thought it would be the nail strips only. I have never used prep & finish cloths so great to try. It also included instructions/tips, and nail polish remover pads. I also got nail clippers, a buffer, cuticle pusher, and nail file.
I don't have a total value added up, but most of the nail polish packages are $8.99. Since I purchased a couple, at the black Friday sale prices, this did not cost me much at all. I like that they included manicure items as well. I will plan to do the Incoco Mystery Box again next year. In the meantime, they gave me several coupons, some for 15% and some for 20% off my next purchases.