Sunday, January 31, 2016

Luxor Box January 2016 Review

Luxor Box is a bi-monthly subscription box that includes luxury, beauty, spa, jewelry, and lifestyle items. Each item is high quality. You receive 5-7 items with a guaranteed value of $275. This is our favorite box in the “luxury” category.  
Cost: $129/US or $159/Canada OR a Petite Box is $43/US only
How Often: Bi-Monthly
Ships To: United States & Canada via USPS
We love the quality box and the stamped logo paper.
Bliss Home & Design Faux Fur Throw - $100. This came in several different colors, I received Sheared Beaver Fur, there was also Faux Fox White Fear, and Faux Dark Chocolate Channeled Mink Fur. I do not link fur, or even faux fur, but I love that a throw was included for the cold season.
Etiquette Theory "Lots of Cash" Ivory Cashmere Socks - $44. Introducing the first collaboration with Theory. A collection of made in Italy, socks with a focus on impeccable craftsmanship, highest quality materials, timeless sophistication that's fashionable, but always wearable. I didn't find these to be as soft as I had thought they would be, but they do look and feel high quality.
MarieBelle Aztec Hot Chocolate - $12. This is made with 65% South American single-origin pure chocolate for a very rich flavor. I have received this before in other boxes, and it is a quality hot chocolate mix. Can be made with hot water or milk.
Mottahedeh  Snowflake Mug - $45. What a perfect little mug to go with the hot chocolate. But wow, this is pricey. I do love the snowflakes. Wilson Bentley(1865–1931) of Jericho, Vermont, was a farmer and a highly-regarded amateur meteorologist who photographed snow—or more precisely, thousands of individual snow crystals.Each actual snowflake was originally hand painted in icy tones of blue and silver. There is an entire dish/server line of this pattern, and I love it!
Pura Btoanica "Just Because" Candle Tin - $26 ($13 each). These tiny little candles are totally cute. They are made 100% of grade soy wax, infused with essential oils. The scents I received are "Sweet Chai" and "Fulfill Mint". The Sweet Chai has patchouli and I can't stand it. When I first opened my box, the scent was so overwhelming it took me a few to identify where it was coming from.
Pura Botanica lend A Hand Crème Smoother - $10. Certified all-natural hand crème made with West African Shea butter and aloe Vera. A portion of the proceeds support the National Save the Sea Turtle Foundation. I really liked the texture of this hand crème, but the scent was just a little too strong for me.  
Pura Botanica Bath Infusions - $22 ($11 each). Mineralizing sea salts, therapeutic essential oils, and curative flowers & herbs for a warm, relaxing bathing experience. I received Pick Me Up and Moments in Mint. The other flavors were Lost in Lavender and Rose Retreat.
Post a video or selfie with  #PuraMySelfie, and they will send you a free gift. I think I'm still marveling how "selfie" has become a common noun.
Jules Smith Crochet Tube Scarf - $45. Jules Smith desgins are back and forth from 60s post-modern to 70s boho and 80s glam. I really like this scarf and it's comfy. I'm still airing it out from sharing a box during shipping with the overpowering candle, but I should be able to use soon. My favorite part is the mix of both black and grey, they compliment each other nicely and look cool.
I loved the overall "Warm and Cozy Winter" theme this month. Every single item fit with this well for this. I love the types of items included, even if I don't love the exact product. I will never be a fur, or faux fur lover and I will never love any candle with patchouli in in. However, I still love throws and I still love candles, especially cute little candle tins. This months box has an approximate value of $304. I cannot wait to see what they have in store for us in March.