Monday, January 19, 2015

Blush Mystery Box January 2015 Review

I had already seen the spoilers for this months Blush Mystery Box. I am not excited about this box at all, which is mostly why I'm so far behind on this review. Once the Avene Cleanser Gel spoiler was posted, I immediately cancelled this subscription. This is the exact same item we received in December, and I really can't figure out why it was featured this month, as if it was something new to be excited about. They did the same thing the previous month, where they included the exact same shampoo as they had the month prior. There was a time when this was my favorite subscription, but the past couple of months I can't really say that it's been the same type of subscription box. It's as if someone completely different is now curating it. OR, subscibers are so far down they have extra inventory and need to distribute it. Also, they started Mystery Bags this month, which of course I ordered, but it does make me believe they need to get rid of inventory.
The theme this month is Refresh and Rewind.
The theme this month is Refresh and Rewind. They included a coupon for $10 off a $75 purchase from DermStore.
Talika Bio Enzymes Mask - $12. There were variations, but I received the Hydrating one. I used it last night and it worked very well. I did wake up with my skin feeling just a little bit softer and more hydrated.
Eau Thermal Avene Cleanance Gel - Full size $20. Meh. Didn't care for it last month, not happy to see the repeat visitation. It's soapless cleanser.
Covergirl FX BB Gel Matifying Anti-blemish treatment N medium - $7. It's not that I don't like every bit of the description, I'm just not wild about the brand.
SkinMedica Dermal Repair Cream - $10. Now this brand I actually like, so I'm ok with this! This works for normal to dry skin.
Medicell Advanced Moisture Eye Mask Duo - $10. I'm happy to see this. I was really excited to get the eye masks from PopSugar, but then it turned out it had Lavender in it, an ingredient I stay away from. So, I feel a little better getting it from another source. This one is Fragrance Free and Paraben free, so I'm happy.
Hydroxatone Headband - $3. I can't find a link anywhere online, but I saw another blogger give it a value of $3 and I agree with that. This is a great spa headband. I'm actually in need of a new one so this is good timing. I never want to use one of my good ones when doing facials for fear I could get something on it that would cause a stain or discoloration.
Cargo New Essential Lip Gloss in Vienna - $16. This is a really bright pink. I'm not sure how thick it goes on, but I'm not swatching it because I'm already planning to swap.
Glo Minerals Glo Lipstick in Spark - $17. Another color that is just simply not for me. I do like that full size was included.
Blush has been really disappointing for awhile now. I've already cancelled. I just did some research, since I've been sitting here complaining about the curation lately, it seems that Target bought them out. So, maybe they are trying to introduce more drugstore brands? IDK what is going on. I just don't like it. The boxes feel like a curated hot mess.