Thursday, January 22, 2015

Fabletics (moms) January 2015 Review

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Fabletics is a monthly subscription service that sends you a workout outfit each month. K and I both signed up when we saw a coupon for $25 for the first month. Regular price is $49.95/mo. Your personalized picks will be ready by the 1st of the month, which means they have suggested outfits for you. You must skip by the 5th of the month in order to not be charged. You can cancel at anytime, however, there is no option to do this online and you must call them. K already got her review up yesterday, so I thought I better get going on mine.
Headband - $3.11 This was included with my outfit. I do not yet know if I will have a use for this. Both K and I have long hair and tend to pull back rather than just use a headband.
Leon Tank - $15.60 I loved the color in the stock photo, but the actual color is a little brighter. I still love it though. I'm showing stock pics next to what I received so you can see the difference.
Salar Legging - $31.24 Leggings are always the real test if something is quality or not, and I can't believe the quality on these. They are thick yet stretchy. Great quality and I want more.
Tom's Natural deodorant - this was a bonus item thrown in. I do not think much of natural deodorants, and won't be trying this.

Verdict - I'm very impressed with the quality of Fabletics. If I had known, I would have signed up much sooner. I have been a Zella fan for years, which is Nordstrom in-house brand for athletic clothing. I had no idea there were any other brands with equivalent quality on the market, as I have never given it much thought. I just recently heard of Lululemon, but only because of the CEO public comments made in 2014 (not nice to women). Then I found out that the creative director for Zella used to work for Lululemon, which explains the similarities. I'm actually quite pleased to see another option on the market that is available through subscription service. I don't know that I'll be keeping this as I'm not really in need of these outfits at this time since I'm already well stocked. But I will say it is was well worth the $25, and even at $49.95 it is still a good deal. I always say, if you want to get motivated for exercise, start with the outfit!