Monday, January 19, 2015

PopSugar + Target Must Have Box Review

I finally got my PopSugar Target box today. I used to be one of the firsts to receive PopSugar, and I'm not overly sure why that changed, but the past couple months it seems I'm getting mine way after everyone else. Which means, I've seen all the spoilers. It's still fun opening though.
The theme is Fit Fresh Fun! The box was really long, which I figured it would be since I knew it contained a yoga mat. I would have guessed yoga mat once I saw it if I didn't already know.
Brita Blue Sport Bottle 20 oz - $8.99 This is the Brita filtering system basically working in the size of a bottled water bottle. I LOVE IT! I just recently got a Bobble, but I like this one better. I usually buy bottled watered and have that in the afternoons. I really like this because I feel like I can use tap water now and it will be filtered for me. This should save me some money. I haven't figured out where to get replacement filters yet, I've only seen them for the hard sided bottles.
Simply Balanced Organic Dark Chocolate Trail Mix - $6.99 We like this stuff and eat it often. I think it's a great addition. I like to have snacks in my car, so I'm happy this was included. Simply Balanced is Targets wellness brand that offers healthy and organic foods.
Burt's Bees White Tea 10-count facial wipes - $2.99 I love that this was included. This would fit nicely into a gym bag. We don't go to the club anymore since it's not exactly convenient now that we moved and it's no longer a few minutes away. But I will throw into my travel bag.
C9 by Champion Non-Slip Headband - $6.99 This is a very nice quality headband. Both K and I have long hair, so we pull it back in a pony tail for active activities. I could see this being very nice for someone who is a runner and has shorter hair.
Laneige Advanced Hydration Trial Kit- $10 I'm not sure what I think of this yet. I have plenty of moisturizer products, but this one says it's uses the power of mineral water to infuse moisture. I'll probably do a little more research before deciding if I'm keeping or not.
Gaiam Icy Marrakesh Yoga Mat 3MM - $21.99 This is a quality yoga mat, I really like it. I have plenty of yoga mats, but they really do not seem to get used too often. I do not have one with a design like this. I'm definitely keeping because I really like it.
Fitbit Flex Wireless Activity & Sleep Wristband - $99.95 This was the big item that was included. This was a great idea to add to a collaboration box like this. K and I are still fighting over who gets this.
Champion $20 gift card - I love that this was included because they couldn't exactly send apparel, due to all the different sizes. So, this is great. Also, you do not have to use for this brand, it's basically a target gift card sponsored by Champion.

This was such a great collaboration. I expected it to be because Target generally does promotions quite well. We paid $65 and it has an overall value of $177.90. We will be using all of the items except the headband and possibly the moisturizer, so this was a great deal for us.