Monday, January 12, 2015

Lilee Beauty Box December 2014 Box

I just got my Lilee December box. It's a bit late, but better late than never! This is our first box. We were just trying this one out, we do not have a regular subscription. This subscription box is $49/month. It's a luxury beauty and lifestyle box. We were supposed to get a $50 jewelry piece, but we received an email today stating it would be shipping at a different time.
This was our first look and it was really cute. The black box on the top of the box had Lilee imprinted on it, and it was really a special touch, so cute. The first look at the items was pretty good as well.
The tissue paper had the L sticker, also nice touch. The info card was very informative on the side that told about the products. It also included prices. The other side introduced Lilee, who sees herself as "A product snob", and that she looks for one-of-a-kind products because she doesn't want what everyone else has. Personally, I kinda just want stuff before everyone else has it.
Cult Cosmetics Nail Polish color is The Roxy - Full Size $9.99. This color is like a pastel purple. I won't wear it, but I also don't not like it. It's one of the new shades. I like that it was included.
Purlisse SPF 30 Daily Moisturizer 1.7 oz - Full Size - $55 -  I don't believe you can be a subscription box without including a pur-lisse product. Seriously, I think it's a law. Dear Lilee, I know you  like to "discover one-of-a-kind finds", but trust me, pur-lisse is not it. The subscription box services are saturated with their products.
Mirabella Beauty Perfecting Powder - Full size $32. I am so thrilled to see this because I have been in need of some new powder. I have a couple tarte sample sizes I've been going through, a little too fast. The timing of this is nice. I do not know if I'll like it yet, since I don't know this brand, but I'm thinking based on the color I will.
My Beauty Tea Manatea Infuser - $11.50 This tea infuser is seriously cute! The pic in the link shows how truly cute this is. I do not drink tea so this is wasted on my, but it's seriously cute.
My Beauty Tea Loose Tea in Pink Blossom - $8.50 - Tea to go with the Manatea Infuser. Makes perfect sense.
Rachael Creative Your a Gem Greeting Card - $3.50. This is a vintage inspired greeting card. Cute I guess. This is a greeting card. I'm surprised this wasn't a box of greeting cards, which is what I'm used to in boxes, but I see these are sold in singles.
Jesse & Co Custom Gold Bar Necklace - $30. This one says "curated". Too cute. I couldn't find the exact one on the website, so I'm going with the price listed for the same ones with different sayings. I love this necklace. LOVE it! I have been looking for a gold bar necklace this past month, and haven't been able to quite find one. I will not wear anything that has inspirational words on it, so I'm seriously thrilled with this one. This is undoubtedly my favorite item in the box.
Bonus items:
Argan Oil from Morocco Intense Deep Conditioning Hair Treatment - $1.89 This is quite a sample size and will last for probably about 3 uses, even with generously applying.
h2o Micro Collagen Moisturizer - $5.99. We like this brand, and are likely to use this sample. It's purse size. I am using moisturizer so frequently nowadays, with this weather, this might last me a day.

The verdict on this box is it's not bad. I like that everything included was full size (other than the bonus items). The value is around $158.37.  I think the value is great, but I'm not overly wowed with the box. There were several items I was thrilled to get, the necklace and the powder (which justifies the price for me), but there is nothing I was completely amazed at. I was just expecting a "wow" item for the $49 price tag. Perhaps if the missing jewelry item was included I would feel differently, but I kinda doubt it. I know this was the first box and I truly hope they find their groove. We'll be keeping an eye on this subscription to see if we will be signing up regularly.