Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Zumba Clothing Review

I wanted to post an update for what I purchased using the $25 coupons for that came in FabFitFun winter box to let you guys know what I was able to get. I had two coupons and I was able to use each coupon on a separate order.

The first item I chose was the Two-Tone Asymmetrical Tank in the color Let's Go Indigo. It was on sale for $20.99 and with free shipping I didn't have to pay anything as the $25 code covered it. Overall I like the shirt, but it is extremely long on me it is basically a dress. I have used for yoga already and it was loose and comfy.

The second item I purchased was the Mid-Level Asymmetrical Bra in the color Eat, Grey, Love. It was on sale for $15.98 and because it was less than $25 I also didn't pay anything for this too. The first thing I noticed when I opened it was how awkwardly short the straps were. You can't really tell on the model because they chose a really flattering angle (tricky!) to photograph it. I wasn't so sure how I would feel about it but once I put it on it wasn't soo bad. It definitely sits high up on the chest so it will show through any shirt you are working out in. After reading the reviews I ordered a size up, and happy I did as it runs small. It gave me good support for my yoga routine so I am pleased with it. 

Overall I am happy with both items I received because I essentially got them both for free. I don't think I would have purchased either of them for retail value and probably won't be purchasing from again as I am not someone who actually does Zumba. I was disappointed with FabFitFun winter box but after my purchases from Zumba and Fashion Project I feel much better about the box because I actually really needed some workout clothes, and for once the coupon a box included didn't require me to spend money to use it.