Thursday, January 8, 2015

The Honest Company - December 2014 Review

My December Honest Company arrived a month ago, but i needed to get my review up! Honest Company is one of my favorite companies to buy from because they have a good cause, provide all natural house and body products, and deliver right to my door! 

Tote-I used a black friday coupon and scored a free tote!
For December they included an extra gift! Its an organic sugar cookie mix with a snow flake cookie cutter! I made crab cookies instead. The mix was kind of bland but frosting made it sweeter.

Mouthwash- I was not expecting this to be as big as it was! It has a very strong mint taste.

Kids Toothpaste- So I am super excited to try this because it is strawberry flavored!

Dryer Sheets- I ran out so I needed to restock!

Sponges- My sponges were getting gross so it was time to restock as well.

I added on the Winter Spice candle this month as it was a limited edition. It has a spicy/woodsy scent and it smells pretty good but doesn't beat the lavender vanilla candle which is to die for!

I also ordered a backup of my organic chest rub which was really needed this cold season!!

Overall with the free tote and cookie mix this was a great month! I am really looking forward to trying their new deodorant next month!