Monday, January 26, 2015

Little Lace Box January 2015 Review

I got my Little Lace Box this morning just as I was leaving for work. I was tempted to stay and open it, but well, that wouldn't be right. So, I spent all day staying off email and blog sites because I did not want any spoilers on this one!
Little Lace Box has quickly become one of my favorite boxes. They are managing to find the coolest and most unique items anyone can think of. The theme this month was "The Dining Car". I knew this meant vintage and I would love this box. I was not wrong.
It was tough to decide which pic to lead with. The first look in the box? or the Teapot? Which is just too cute!

This months box came in a big long box. When I first opened it up, all I saw was white peanuts. Now, I just happened to have been wishing I had some of these packing peanuts, so I wasn't disappointed to see this, lol. The box included the Red Little Lace Box, and another box. After I brushed some peanuts away, I saw the pic and I had to get to this first.
Siena Tea Collection Tea For one - $29.99 You get extra pics because it's just too cute. And I don't even drink tea! The box it's kept is in also super cute.
Downtown Abbey Classic Edwardian Hair Jewelry Bobby Pin Set - $21.99 I was totally hoping for something from the Downtown Abbey Jewelry Collection. I was pretty much expecting it once I heard the theme vintage. I am currently collect DA jewelry pieces, and LOVING the line. I cannot find this exact item online, so I'm sending a link to my favorite store to get DA pieces from.
Capital Bee Raw Hand Cut Holly Honeycomb - $7 This was a bonus item. This honey jar has an actual honeycomb inside. I tried to show you in the pics, I hope it came through. It's pretty cool looking.
Lucy B Roll-On Perfume Oil in Royal Water Lotus and Vanilla Musk - $16.99. This came in different scents. My scent was Vanilla. This does not smell like vanilla, maybe has a hint of it, otherwise has a flowery smell. Which of course, does not work for me. That's why swap was invented. ;)
Beekman 1802 Authentic Hand-forged Britannia Fruit Spoon - $19.99 This spoon is just beautiful. It came in a box, rolled in paper. It had a little info card that explained about it. I had to take extra pics just to show you some of the detail. I can picture an afternoon of tea, with this spoon used for the fruit bowl, maybe some cucumber sandwiches. I can envision the setting. It's made of the same pewter-type alloy used to make the "Oscar" statuettes. the mold is an actual late 18th century spoon mold that was found in the back of an abandoned shop on the ground of the Beekman Mansion. The detail is just amazing.
Royal Apothic  Holland Park Bubble Cream - $18.99. Basically, this is a bath gel. Love the packaging! I don't know if there were different flavors sent out, but I would love to try the Lemoncello.
How to be a lady by Candace Simpson Giles - $16.99 Here is a description of the book " Naturally, you know women who are kind and intelligent, witty and resourceful; but a lady is an altogether different variety of female. She’s mindful of the effect she has on those around her, and she’s careful not to let her words or appearance betray her true intentions. How to Be a Lady is a charming reminder of what it takes to be an exemplary woman—someone who knows how to breeze through an awkward conversation with poise, or delicately sidestep the beauty salon gossip".  I think there is a time and a place for this, but even I don't want to be her all the time! I breezed through the book, there are some good tips for younger girls who maybe have not yet given much thought to certain issues, such as "always be honest with your doctor", "never show up to a party as or with an uninvited guest" and "only date those who respect your decision to say No". It's a random book of advice. Most of it's obvious. And the rest tells you when to remove the salad plates.
Little Lace Box is $39.99/month and this box had a value of approx $135. This is definitely one of my favorite subscription boxes! I know I said it earlier, but they are managing to find the coolest and most unique items. This month was super fun and I can't wait to see what they have in store next month.