Friday, January 16, 2015

Glossybox January 2015 Review

I'm trying to remember to use the year 2015, instead of last year, which seem to be a current issue I have every single year around this time. That's obviously just a side note, because I'm really trying to talk about the January 2015 GlossyBox.
Oh GlossyBox, I've missed you. Haven't seen you in a month. Welcome Back!
Hello Fresh $40 gift card - I'm not too familiar with Hello Fresh, but I believe it is $69 a week for the full classic choice.
Kueshi Revitalizeing Face Toner - FULL SIZE $13.50. I so spoilers for this box, and was really excited to see a full sizer toner product being included. I was set to purchase a new toner, so this was good timing for me. We hardly ever see this in sub boxes, and I've personally only seen it in foil packets. Makes it that much more nice to get this. This company is from Spain and I can't even figure out where to buy it.
Vichy Purete Thermale 3-In-1 One Step Cleanser - $2.90. I love the Vichy line. Always happy to see this included. I've never tried the cleanser, but I'm in need of face cleansers right now, so thrilled to see this!
Skin&CO Truffle Therapy Serum - $12.50
Teeez Trendy Cosmetics Beautiful Flat Brush Stiff - FULL Size $23.50 I will take any type of beauty tools I can get. Usually. I don't wear eye shadow, and have no use for an eye brush or a blending brush. I am in need, however, of a good powder blush. I received two last year, and gifted them both. Kinda missing that about now.
Lollipops Eye Pencil in GoodBye Moon - FULL Size $17.70 - Not sure what color moon is, but this looks like black eyeliner to me!
I've calculated a value of approximately $70. This is a great value since we paid $21. We love GlossyBox. This may not be the best box we've received, but we still aren't ready to give it up. We also have been checking out the UK version lately, which is where GlossyBox is originated from. Sometimes, they get better items. Looking forward to seeing what's included in February!