Friday, January 16, 2015

Petbox January 2015 Review

I started grad school this year and there were a few things I quickly learned 1) learn how to take care of yourself. I seriously forgot how to do basic functions like sleeping and eating for three months. 2) get something furry to love you! No, really the 3am breakdowns of "am I capable of this" get a lot better with a furry companion. 3) Reading for 12+ hours straight becomes counter productive without breaks. So a few weeks into my first quarter I got my sheltie puppy and named him Sailor. So naturally he needed his own box too as a rightful member of the family. I decided to try out petbox as I received a coupon. I decided to try the "deluxe" box which contains 2-3 items each month and costs $19.95 a month. I opted for the personalized box. I really enjoyed picking out the items. You get a certain number of points per plan you pick and can pick items that cost a certain amount of points out of the store. I really love that if you want to add more you can just pay extra to add it on. 

 He was sooo excited for his box! 

Busy Buddy Kibble Nibble Small- $9.99
He loves this!  I have been able to type this whole review and he's been preoccupied, that is a rarity in this household! This was a great purchase!!! Also, I think it challenges him a little, and boy do shelties need mental stimulation!
Best Buddy Bits Multigrain-$11.19
I put these treats in the busy buddy and he loves them!

Essential Travel Bowl -$6.99
This was also a win! We travel a lot between school visiting family up north and friends and compactable stuff makes my life so much easier. I seriously hauled around a giant IKEA bag when he was just a couple months old. Thank god he has potty trained and so less stuff and been able to downgrade to just a reusable shopping bag. But throwing this in my purse and so much nicer than a metal bowl!

Overall I really loved this box! I only paid $11.99 so this was totally worth the $28, and being able to customize was awesome! Currently petbox is on groupon for $11.99 for one month, $32.99 for three months, and $59.99 for 6 months. I totally recommend if you have a pet because I definitely spend over $12/month on treats and toys to keep him busy!