Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Indulge Me January 2015 Review

Indulge Me Box is a fairly new Lifestyle monthly subscription box that includes include at least 5 items  of skincare, makeup products, accessories, and lifestyle items. They started November of last year. This is our first box and we were looking forward to trying it. This is also my first box of 2015 so I was happy to see it delivered today. We ordered December 15th, thinking we would get a December box, but we received the January box. Cost is $20/month + shipping to the US. The box came in plain cardboard, I was not sure who this was from until I read the card. The first look was incredibly disappointing. I picked up a few things and each time said "what are you supposed to be?".
These pics are not good and I don't care about this box so I don't care to redo them. But it was a nice info card. Info cards are incredibly important when they send you stuff you wouldn't be able to identify otherwise. I believe the prices included are in Canadian dollars.
Naiad Soap Arts Sugar Scrub - $6.57 2 oz size. I had heard that something like this would be included. I believe there were variations. Unfortunately, my scent is "beach house" and I do not care for it at all. It doesn't smell like sweat like you might think, but it does smell too flowery for my taste. Even so, it's my favorite item in this box.
Fresh Cream Tinted Lip Balm - $3.50 The color is coral with gold shimmer. I'm not opening because I'm not keeping it. But I've never found a coral that looks good on me, so I'm not chancing it.  
Karma Hoop Earrings - $12 I thought these were hand made, and very crafty. But nope. Sticker says made in China. They are much heavier than they look also. I do not like them. Not even a little bit.

Braid String with Feather - $8 This is braided rope with a feather attached. You basically are supposed to figure out how to use it, but it's suggested to use as a hair accessory. Uh, I guess the good news is its nickel free?
Indie Beauty Shop Green & White detox facial mask - $1 I took pics of both the front and back so you could see. It's a powder, but you make it into a mask. Too much work for me. 
Pretty Tea - $3.5 for 25 grams, but they only included 15 grams. I'm sure it's great tea, but I do not drink tea.

This box was a complete miss for me. I'm not even bothering to add up the value, let's just say it was $20 down the drain. I was a little disappointed that the last two boxes I saw included makeup items from known brands, and this is what shows up on my doorstep. If I hadn't already cancelled I surely would be doing so this minute. I don't think they'll be around too long.