Monday, November 30, 2015

Cyber Monday Tone It Up!

I have been following the Tone It Up girls since we received thier workout DVD in a subscription box last year. I am totally obsessed with thier program and hope to try it soon. You pay a one time membership fee of $150 and you get the complete meal program and updates as well as join the community that is really supportive. They also send out weekly workouts. I really love thier approach to healthy living and the positivity they and members project onto eachother. I was really excited for Black Friday deals because I heard they were 50% off last year. This year they had awesome bundles instead of sales on the membership. For the nutrition plan bundle you get the membership with the nutrition plan as well as the new workouts, a water bottle, measuring tape, necklace, resistant bands, a cute gym bag, journal, multi vitamins, and a vanilla chai latte protein mix for $230. I am so in love with the bundle but it is completely out of my price range this season. I hope they offer the pieces individually after the weekend sale of the bundle closes, and I hope to try out the program soon! Have any of you guys tried it out?