Monday, November 23, 2015

Erin Condren Life Planner Review

I had an Erin Condren Life Planner for 2014 and for the first quarter of grad school. However, when 2015 rolled around I decided not to splurge on the Life Planner and opted for an adorable sugar paper planner for Target for $20. While it was more affordable it just wasn't cutting it AT ALL. I was in grad school full-time taking two courses, working a full-time job, paying bills, maintaining a social life, taking the puppy in and out of day care and the simple planner just wasn't cutting it. I simply have too much going on in my life for a basic planner to begin to even cover. So when the second year of grad school started I had to invest in the holy grail of planners once again. I opted for the Metallic Prism Life Planner in gold ($60). Isn't this planner gorgeous?! the coil is dipped in 18K gold. The metallic planners also come with free metallic elastic bands as well. I am happy with the recent switch to let you choose between vertical and horizontal weekly layouts. The new horizontal option allows me to fit my daily tasks in, where I couldn't on the traditional vertical layout. If you would like to place an order use my referral link here to receive $10 off!

As always I love the included stickers! They also have two sheets of blank ones that you can write in.

It comes with a folder section and the clear pouch with added cards and binder inserts. 

My order came with a free perpetual calendar! This handbook is handy for writing important dates in such as birthdays and anniversaries and contacts! Love!
I opted to add on the Snap in Meal planner for $4. I was really excited for this, but wasn't as impressed once I received it. It lets you meal plan on one side and add the shopping list on the other. It smudges pretty easy and rubs off before I make it to the store. I think it is a great concept however, i would rather use a regular sheet of paper. 
I also opted to add on the Wellness Journal for $6. I was more impressed with this than the meal planner. I want to start keeping track of my meals, water intake, and workouts but it just doesn't fit into my planner very well and gets lost in it. This little booklet is great and fits right into the folder section. It is god for 15 weeks. If I use it reliably I will most likely re order. 

I feel so relieved to have my Life Planner back in my life. It really helps me keep track of my numerous assignments, presentations, meetings, and social life schedule. While this planner is a bit spendy it is definitely worth the investment especially for a grad school student! I ordered in October and was suppose to receive a piece of art that never arrived. I reached out to customer support and they are sending it to me!