Sunday, November 22, 2015

Currently Raving About: Poshmark

So my new obsession is the mobile app Poshmark! After two recent moves I have slowly started to accept I might possibly be a clothes/shoe hoarder... I have a lot of clothes stored away that are in great condition and need a new loving home that will give them the attention they deserve. Poshmark lets me make a little money on the clothes that otherwise would just go to Goodwill. So far of round one of my closet clean out I have made over $200, but probably make a little more when I list my next round of clothes. It's not just a good app for sellers but also buyers! I have purchased a couple of amazing steals on Coach purses, a coach dog leash, and even snagged the Cambridge satchel from Rachel Zoe's box! The app is kind of like eBay but much simpler. You list the price you want for an item, but there isn't bidding. Users can chose to purchase immediately or give an offer for a lower price. Once your item is sold they send you a prepaid shipping label, so you just stick on your package and drop off at USPS. You do have to pay $4.99 shipping as the purchaser, and Poshmark takes 20% commission of each sell. My username is @lekendra of you wanted to check out my closet! Also you can use the code PCGTP to get $10 to spend and I can also email a referral link as well!