Sunday, November 29, 2015

Beauty DNA Npvember 2015 Review

Beauty DNA is a monthly subscription service that will send you one full-size skincare or hair care item each month. The cost is $25/month. They have a unique matching system, where you fill out your likes/dislikes profile and you never receive items that you don't like. I have had fairly good luck with being matched with items that I really like and that I can actually use. 
These are the best info cards around. They are on quality paper and booklet style. They also fully explain the product and why the item has been matched specifically for you.
Skin Vanish Instant Imperfection Corrector - $58. This concentrated serum is an instant skin treatment addresses the quadruple threat of skin concerns: Fine lines/aging, sun damage/environmental stresses, dark spots and dullness. The immediate benefits are that it diminishes imperfections and smooth's out your skin. The better benefits are the anti-oxidants that are in the ingredients. I like that I receive such unique items from Beauty DNA, and often times they find items would I not think to buy for myself.