Sunday, November 1, 2015

Nine Garcia Quarterly Box #NGQ06 Review

Quarterly Company has different curators that curate boxes to send once a quarter. The theme for the Nina Garcia Quarterly box #NGQ06 is travel. Since I travel quite a bit I had to get this box.
Pinch Mini-Emergency Kit for Her - $16. I've never gotten this in a sub box before, although I know several other boxes it was added to. I do already own one, keep it in my desk at work. I will probably keep this one in my car! It's the perfect little emergency kit.
Flight001 F1 X-Ray Passport Pink - $10. I did not open this because both K and I already have passport cover books we love, and this one looks pretty cheap. Mine is leather, and this one is plastic. I'm swapping on MSA.
Emi Jay Classic 5-Pack Hair Ties - $11. I love these kinds of hair ties, and these colors are perfect for me. I can never have enough of them, so always happy to get these.
Shoebox Pro One Year Voucher - $60. This is normally $5/month. This has unlimited photo backup, secure & encrypted, mobile apps, desktop apps, and web access.
Weleda Skin Food - $12.50. This smooths and softens dry, rough skin with nourishing plant oils. contains soothing and healing pansy, chamomile and calendula extracts. Designed to be used anywhere on the body where skin is dry or rough.
Flight001 F1 Caffeine Supply Eye Mask - $16.I have plenty of sleep masks, and this one is nothing special. Also listing this on MSA.
Jane Iredale Facial Blotting Paper & Compact - $11. This is facial blotting papers. This one looks fancy and the case is classy. And I like the Jane Iredale brand, so this is a win for me.
Flight001 Standby Champion Luggage Tag - $7. I like getting suitcase tags, but this is disappointing. I wish they had sent something cute. This is not cute.
Chic Buds Clutchette Power bag - $49.99. This clutch has a phone charger inside, designed for USB, so you can still use your own apple approved charger cord. I really like this because it will fit perfect in my travel backpack, the battery is not too heavy so it won't weigh my bag down.This was a spoiler item and I was really looking forward to this, and I'm happy with the color I got.
Baggu Solid Navy Canvas Duck Bag -$26. This is an excellent brand for totes, with good quality material. I like that a tote was included, and I like the striped pattern. I do not like the shape of this bag though. I will never like the shape of this bag.
I had items I loved and items I didn't care for this time. The approximate value is $159.49, $219.49 if you count the $60 voucher to shoebox. Still great value for the $100 we paid, and happens to be the exact value of what I actually like/will use. Either way, the curation did well on sticking with the theme and including a good variety of items. Not so great on including quality or cute items, but perhaps if they had skipped the flight 001 items, or substituted for something cuter, this would have been a top notch box.