Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Honest Company Essentials Bundle June 2014 and Promo code, news, and upcoming products

My Essentials Bundle from the Honest Company for June arrived this week! This week I also added additional items on my bundle. 

Toilet Cleaner- I am stocking up cleaning supplies for my new apartment coming up in September. I loved the ingredients on this and have read postive reviews so far. 

Sunscreen SPF 30- With summer quickly approaching I am stocking up on sunscreen as much as I can. I am not sure if this sunscreen will be sufficient enough to keep me from burning for my upcoming port job on my very fair skin, but I will definitely use this on my non work days. 

Organic Breathe Easy Rub- My BFF and I were seriously stalking the website for weeks waiting for this breathe easy rub to finally come back in stock. When it did I immediately added it to my bundle and texted her! The bottle is a lot smaller than I imagined. I love the medicinal smell of the rub and so far I really liked it. This will be well used in the upcoming flu season. 

Dish Soap- I decided to get the lemon verbena scented dish soap. So far I love the smell. Can't wait to test it out!

Conditioner Detangler- I am really loving this stuff. It smells like a light creamsicle and makes me happy when I spray it. It seems to work well on my tangles but I am not sure if it's soothing to my hair. 

Hand Soap (lemongrass)- Mom subtley hinted that she was really sad that she was almost out of her lemongrass Honest Co. hand soap that I got her for christmas, so I went ahead and added this on for her. She was really happy to see it. 

Canvas Tote- I added on the canvas tote this month. I really like that you can wear it as a messenger or a tote. I will definitely be using this for some upcoming trips to the farmer's markets. 

Healthy Child Healthy World- I really like Jessica Alba's The Honest Life book and after reading some reviews of Christopher Gavigan's book I decided to purchase it. Christopher is the co-founder of the Honest Company, and what I really love about him is that he has a BS in Environmental Science which shows me that they are using science as a catalyst for the choices they are making in the products they develop and carry. Overall, I really loved  this book. It was very family and baby centered as he is a father and has a Master's degree in Child Psychology, but it also had a lot of in depth information on toxic chemicals found in household items. He also offered up cheap green cleaning tips, home made beauty product recipes, and even information on grocery store items. I am really happy with this purchase and I feel it offers more in depth information than The Honest Life.


*This month the Honest Company is offering a FREE father's day water bottle with a $35 purchase and must be entered by 6/30 and bundle must ship by 7/11 you can use the code #HonestDad. I was excited to add this on, but I am totally keeping for myself so I will have to figure out a way to cover/scratch off the dad part.

*And the Big news this month is that Honest Company is partnering up with Target to carry products in stores. This was huge news. I was excited that I will be able to get my necessities at the nearest Target and won't have to pay for shipping. But then after thinking for a while, I was nervous that this will affect the prices, quality, and availability of the items. But Honest Company addressed these issues on their Facebook page and assured customers that the prices and quality will not change, which made me feel a lot better about this.

*I follow Christopher Gavigan on twitter and was really excited about his tweet with pictures of new products! I see spray sunscreen!!! You know I will be stocking up on that! Also in the pictures were a sunblock stick and the adorable kids sunglasses that are already available.

*If you read the celebrity gossip sites you might have seen the controversial article about Honest Company's wipes. Apparently they manufacturer their wipes and kitchen tools in china for cost efficient reasons. Per the gossip sites the company that manufactures the wipes has been in trouble with the FDA in the past and has even been barred from importing to the US on two occasions for "unsafe" drugs found in their shipments. Honest Company has been very open about the source of their products, and their blog posts from 2012 explain why they are manufacturing overseas. As far as the FDA issues for the manufacturing company, Honest Company insists it was for packaging issues and assures customers that they hold all companies partners are held to high standards. I was shocked when I first read the articles, and realized that it was something I should have read into on the packaging information. After reading their responses, and doing more research on their products on the environmental groups website, I feel a lot better about the recent news articles and still believe they produce great products that are more greener and safer than what is traditionally offered in stores.

As far as the BBB revoking I have had phenomenal experiences with their customer service. Every single representative I have emailed has always offered great solutions to my issues and it has honestly been one of the best companies I have had to deal with.  I am also really annoyed by all the negative comments on their Facebook page recently from unhappy people. People are signing up for the free trials and not reading the terms and conditions, which are clearly stated three times on the sign up page very clearly, and is also emailed to them three times, letting them know that if you don't cancel within the first few weeks you will automatically be enrolled in the bundle program and charged. If you are entering your credit card into anything you need to read the terms people! It's really lame that people are not being responsible for their own actions and then blaming the company for lying and then attacking them on social media sites. They are completely transparent about the terms and conditions you just have to actually read them!!