Sunday, June 15, 2014

Cate & Chloe - 2nd shipment June 2014 Review

Just received the 2nd shipment of the month for Cate and Chloe. If you are not familiar, Cate and Chloe is $39.99 a month/ and you receive $200+ worth of designer jewelry. You receive one item every 15 days. Free shipping and they offer the freedom to exchange any item you don't love. And first month you sign up you receive a free bonus gift.
I love how they wrap each shipment. The first thing I said to K was I wonder what color bow this month?
Love the packaging. Very pretty box that also has a nice bow each month.
Karie Beloved Bangle $99 - I love this bangle bracelet, I am very happy with it. Any silver jewelry is generally a hit with me. The link has a much better photo than I am able to take.
If you are interested in Cate and Chloe, you can use the discount code BrierReview20 to receive 20% off for the month to month sign up. Please use our name if you sign up, we get credit for referrals.