Monday, June 9, 2014

PopSugar Must Have Box June 2014 Review

A- PopSugar Must Have Box is here! This seems much earlier than the last couple of months, and it's always good to see this box. Somehow they always manage to surprise me. The link is a referral link.
Love the Palm Tree info card, reminds me of a resort. This is much nicer than the ones we normally see in this box.
First Look!
A- Turkish Towel $32 - I had just received one in the April PopSugar Special Edition Resort box, which I have yet to try out. I like this one better. This is supposed to be super absorbent, and is a good alternative to a regular beach towel.

K- I love the colors and happy to see a turkish towel in the box because I haven't received one yet.

A- Emily Griffins - The One and Only $28 - I read a few pages of this and it's really good writing, so I'm looking forward to reading it. Even though I still prefer my kindle.

K- I was ecstatic to see this! When I first decided to sign up for popsugar the thing that really sold me on their subscription service was the books they sent out in past boxes, which has included JK Rowling's book and Perks of Being a Wallflower.  I have read a few chapters so far and it's okay, nothing really that exciting has happened and the writing is meh. However, a book is a more useful item to receive, so I am still happy to get it!!

A- SachaJuan Shiny Citrus Body Lotion - $24 I love citrus lotions, great addition for summer, and this smells awesome, not overpowering. I hope that's still true when I try it on.

K- I love the light citrus smell, its a win for me.

A- Lollies - Basic Hair Tiess - $8 - I'm happy to see these colors, because blacks and other neutral colors are what I'm most likely to use.

K-These are super cute. I always carry ties on my wrist so these ones will look like more stylish bracelets.
A- Native Union $15 Voucher - Meh. This is a waste of printing. There is nothing on the site that costs around this price. I have no use for this, if anyone would like this please contact us  and I'll send it to you.

K- The site had really limited options for an online store. I don't like that in order to use this you have to spend money. I may or may not use this.

A- You Smell Lemon Wet Wipes $5 - I Love these! These smell really lemony and they are very good. Individually wrapped so they won't dry out. Gentle enough for a face.

K- I love lemon so this is a huge win for me. My upcoming summer job gets pretty dirty so I know these will get put to good use.

A- One Potato Two Potato Hawaiian BBQ Kettle Potato Chips - I'm having a dental issue currently, so I'm unable to try these for myself. K says they are good though.

K- These taste like regular BBQ kettle chips. They are pretty tasty and "all natural". 
A- I loved the beach theme this month, and happy to have a good book for those days. PopSugar Must Have Box- $39.99/monthly. Use the code REFER5 to get $5 off.

K- Overall this is one of my favorite boxes we have received from PopSugar. I will use every item in the box and I feel like everything was great quality.