Thursday, June 5, 2014

Cate and Chloe June 2014 Review

My Cate and Chloe package arrived today. This is the first shipment for June. Cate and Chloe is $39.99 a month, with free shipping. You receive $200+ worth of designer jewelry. You receive one item every 15 days. They offer the freedom to exchange any item you don't love. And the first month you sign up you receive a free welcome/bonus gift, but I never did receive mine.  You can use the discount code BrierReview20 to receive 20% off for the month to month sign up. Please use our name if you sign up, we get credit for referrals. 

I always love the pretty packaging they do, there is a different color bow each shipment. I like this, it keeps the packaging interesting.
The info card tells you about the item you are receiving, and the value of the item.
This is the other part of the presentation/packaging I really like, the jewelry boxes with really pretty bows. They have a magnet to keep the box closed.
Zoe Interlocking Ring - I'm loving this. I used to have a ring like this years ago, but it's long gone. I'm thrilled to have something like this again, because I actually think it's cool. This shipment was a hit for me.