Friday, September 30, 2016

Beauty DNA September 2016 Review

Beauty DNA - is a monthly subscription service that will send you one FULL SIZE skincare or hair care item each month, I’ve occasionally received two items. The cost is $25/month. They have a unique matching system, where you fill out your likes/dislikes profile and you shouldn’treceive items that you don't like. You will also never receive the same product twice.
Cost: $25/month
How Often: Monthly
Ships To: United States via UPS Ground

Coola Sport SPF 30 Citrus Mimosa Sunscreen Spray - $32. This is a spray on sunscreen. The flavor is Citrus Mimosa. Sounds great. The only scent I like better for sunscreen is coconut, so this is still a hit for me. Also, this is supposed to help treat dry skin. SPF 30 is way too light for me, but I can handle it for a reapplication if I use a something stronger as a base. I have mixed feelings on spray on sunscreen. I like them because they are easy, convenient. But on the other hand, you still have to rub it in or you will get sunspots (seriously, I've seen it). And have you ever tried applying it during a breeze, such as out at sea? It's definitely not as easy as it sounds. There is a reason these are banned on most yachts.
PCA Skin Peptide Lip Therapy - $22. I received a Bonus item this month! I'm pretty sure I have received this combo before, in previous years, of a sunscreen and lip product. I believe I got the bonus item because the primary item was of a lower value. The PCA Skin Peptide Lip Therapy is a scientifically advanced formula that is supposed to hydrate and improve appearance in the lip area. It is supposed to help with dry lips, and you use twice a day until healed? It contains aloe vera and shea butter, so I'm confident it works well. Also, has a mint fragrance, which I really like for lip products.
This months value is approximately $54. I'm not quite sure why these items were sent for the month of September, and at the end of the month, instead of say May-July? It's confusing to me. But then again, we are supposed to wear sunscreen year round. I don't really think of that too often because living in the Northwest does not necessarily remind you of sunscreen during 3/4 of the year. Anyway,  I am someone who travels to the warmer weather year round so these will get used.