Saturday, September 24, 2016

Allure Beauty Box September 2016 Review

Allure Beauty Box (formerly Sample Society) - is curated by the editors of the Allure Magazine. It promises 5 deluxe sizes “expert approved” beauty items from luxurious brands. It comes with a great info card "mini magazine" that tells you why they picked what they picked, how to use it, and why they like it.
Cost: $15/month or $165/Annually
How Often: Monthly
Ships To: United States (excluding Alaska and Hawaii) via UPS Ground
Allure Beauty Box ships in a quality box that can be used for other purposes. They also include a booklet that talks about the items included.
Purlisse Prevent Blue Lotus 4-in-1 Cleansing Milk – 1 oz, $20. It wouldn't be a month of subscription boxes without receiving a Purlisse product. This is a gentle soap free cleanser. The Blue Lotus line is extremely popular.
Avene PhysioLift Eyes – 2 ml, $5.90. I really like the Avene brand. This is an eye cream. Something I am receiving way to much of lately. This one does contain retinol, an anti-aging product.
GrandePrimer - $5?. I am guessing this is about 1/3 size of the full size one. Some subscribers received the black mascara. I'm happy I got the primer. I have already received the mascara multiple times and I'm not overly enthused about it. This on the other hand is a good conditioner for your eyelashes. 
Supergoop! Shine-On Lip Screen Broad Spectrum SPF 50 – 1.5 ml, $7.85. I love getting a lip sunscrren, but this is tiniest sample I think they could have possibly sent. Since I am a huge fan of this brand, I'm disappointed to get something so small. I'm sure it works great, but hopefully it doesn't get lost in my bag before I ever even get to try it.
ORLY Breathable Treatment Color in Feeling Free – FULL SIZE!- $8.99. There were ten different color variations sent. I am unlikely to wear the color I received. This is supposed to be great color with just one coat but it's recommended to wear two coats anyway.
Bvlgari Omnia Perfume Mini – 5ml, $8.25. I may not be a fan of fragrance being included in sub boxes, but even I gotta admit this is the cutest bottle ever! This has notes of Bergamot, goji berries, and water lilies. I do not think I even have a clue what water lilies smell like.
This months box has an approximate value of $55. I only wish the SuperGoop product was larger. I misplaced it before I could even get a pic of the total items included for the month.