Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Neocutis Bio-Body Bio-Restorative Cream

*This product was provided for review purposes*
Neocutis Bio-Body Bio-Restorative Cream - $120. Can I just start by saying this is one of the best skin creams I've ever used? Seriously, we are loving it! It's intensely moisturizing. And it left my skin feeling smooth hours later. The price is pretty steep, but this is a luxury cream available in 6.76 ounces. Once thing to note is this is professional strength. I was able to find this online as dermstore.com, but it's generally sold directly through dermatologists offices.
Neocutis is a brand that is new to us. You will rarely hear me rave about a brand that is new to me, but I just found my new "Go-To" for getting my skin re-hydrated or event ready. In fact, I'm so impressed I'm already looking for other products made by this company.
The packaging is the first thing we notice on any new product and I really love the colors of the packaging and bottle. It's a blue/turquoise, which doesn't come through too well on the pics, but it really very pretty in person. It reminds me of the Caribbean sea. The box and bottle match nicely (I tend to notice when companies carry the branding through to the packaging). The box it came in was an appropriate size and there were no "filler" papers in it, it was all product. The bottle itself is a nice thick plastic, and the cap stays in place securely.
The Neocutis Bio-Body Bio-Restorative Cream formula is fairly thick, but not too thick. It was not greasy at all and absorbs quickly. This is ideal for all skin types. The button to push down was very easy and even a mild case of carpal tunnel should not be bothered by it.
Neocutis Bio-Body Bio-Restorative Cream is non-comedogenic, dermatologist tested, free of color additives, fragrance free, and has not been tested on animals. Its a Swiss formula and powered by PSP, although I'm not really too sure what that means. What I do know is, it works! The primary ingredients are Ceramides, Salicylic Acid, Dimethicone, which works well for dryness, skin dehydration, itching, and body firming.
If you are looking to get your skin in shape for an event, or just for summer, I am personally recommending this. We will definitely be on the lookout for more of this in the future.