Sunday, May 15, 2016

PopSugar Must Have Box May 2016 Review

PopSugar Must Have Boxis a monthly lifestyle box, geared toward women, founded by Lisa Sugar. They send full size products and a mix of beauty, home, fitness, and other items. They guarantee a value of over $100. They also curate Special Edition boxes that are released throughout the year; they are very popular and contain luxury items. We recommend this box for anyone new to subscription services. 
Cost: $29.95
How Often: Monthly
Ships To: United States via USPS and FedEx
This months box was much larger than normal. It was the size of a Limited Edition box. The inspiration theme this month Fitness, Relaxation, Health, Hydration, Yoga, and Deep Breaths.
Spongelle Spongoloty Body Butter - $20. This is a sponge that is infused with organic products. It lasts up to 20 washes. Is is available in Milk/Honey or Eucalyptus/Lavender. Sulfate free. It has a rope handle, so it can easily hang in the shower.
Kocostar Foot Therapy - $9.50. This is a paraben free Foot Exfoliant Wrap. I have been seeing foot wraps a lot this year and I love getting them. They are great for softening up your feet and perfect for pedicure season!
Happy Spritz Breathe Deeply Peppermint Spray - $25.  This is a crisp, minty + refreshing mix of pure peppermint + eucalyptus + 100% pure essential oils.  This aromatherapy blend is soothing, stimulating, refreshing and cooling.  Provides you with relief from seasonal allergies + colds. K and I both really want this, so I'm going to try and get another one on MSA. There was a 25% off coupon included as well.
Bluma Project Capri Bracelets set of 2 - $44. Handcrafted by Guatemalan artisans. I love the color combinations. Bluma project has their products authentically handcrafted in Guatamala, India, Peru, and other developing nations.
Jimmybar Peanut Butter Clutter Jimmybar! Clean Snack Bar - $2.49. K is getting this because it has peanut butter. She loves peanut butter as much as I detest it. I wish this months snack was something else, but at least K will like it!
Gaiam Foldable Yoga Mat - $24.98.  I am not entirely sure yet how I feel about this. The quality is good. I like that you can fold it up or you can even roll it if you want. And it's very lightweight. I'm just not currently in need of a new one. We get at least one every year, and I think yoga mats should be replaced that often. It's just that mine really didn't get used much this year and is in incredibly new condition. Ideal for yoga on the go because it can easily fit into your tote or carryon.
Revlon Volume + Length Magnified Mascara - $8.99. This is a sponsored item. There are five new Revlon mascaras. I believe everyone got the blue one. I am happy with this one because length and volume are both equally important to me!
Hint Kick Lemon Cayenne Flavored Water - $1.69. This was the 2nd sponsored item. This is an all natural caffeine drink. Its said to be equivalent to a cup of coffee. I really like coffee. and I really like water. I have just never developed a taste for infused water. So, I'll stick with my coffee thank you very much!
Half Hitch Goods - $10 Coupon. Half Hitch Goods is an online store that has many unique items that are great for gifts. There isn't anything for this price, and there isn't anything for less than $10, but there are plenty of items that are under $25.
The May PopSugar Must Have Box has an approximate value of $146.65, including the sponsored items. I know people have mixed feelings on sponsored items, I personally really like them because you generally hear about the new products lines from known brands. My favorite item this month is the Breathe Deeply peppermint spray.